Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) are smart vehicles that can guide themselves. That is, no user action is required to navigate the vehicle from one place to another. AGV’s are typically found in large warehouses or storage places were packages are moved from one place to the other. AGV’s use sensors to continuously find/update their position and navigate accordingly. However, there are numerous situations where some of these sensors fail and the vehicle must be stopped for safety. An example of such a situation is when the AGV is equipped with a laser guidance system. When the laser beam is blocked by some object the AGV cannot find its position and it will stop.

GNC Solutions is looking for partners to produce this technology and bring it to the market.

Combining the navigation system with our innovative DriftLess inertial sensor solution makes the AGV far more robust. It enables the AGV to navigate without information of the laser system and to continu its travel. We have build a demonstration AGV equipped with a DriftLess based inertial sensor (Surfer IMU). The results can be found in a white paper.